Celebrate Oneness with Music!

In the midst of all the divisive rhetoric polluting the airwaves these days, I found myself gravitating toward this you-tube video a friend sent me a while back. It’s sounds like these I hope we can fill our spaces with instead of the fear and hate that is so rampant in our world right now.  Here is a little back-story…

Several years ago, a well-known street musician in Santa Monica named Roger Ridley was singing, “Stand by Me” when he was overheard by the crew for the small group, Playing For Change.  This began a whole new direction for the group whose mission now is to unite the world through music. They are uplifting and wonderful and a reminder that there is room for peace and love in our lives.  You can learn more by checking out their website: www.playingforchange.com

Here is the link to the song that started it all…..”Stand By Me”



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