Calling all Mystics….

This is the launch of Nondualmind. I’ve always been a seeker and writing has always been a creative outlet for me, although it has usually been a monologue – up until now  (I hope).  To kick start this blog, let’s get to the ‘who, what, when, where, why and how’.

Who – This is the part that’s all about me. I won’t waste your time here with that – go to the “about” tab and read on….

What – Discussion of the practical applications of spirituality in an attempt to better understand who we really are. Other topics like yoga, meditation, astrology will show up on occasion.

When – No regular schedule, though I hope to post a few times a week.

Where – Here

Why – The same reason you’re reading this right now – curiosity about the mysteries of life.

How – Through dialogue. That is how, I hope, something useful will come out of this blog. I encourage constructive and respectful interaction. I want to hear what you think….

So, let’s get started….”Calling all mystics…”